Nitro Coffee…
Shave Ice Style

Faithfully cold brewed for sixteen hours using the finest locally roasted beans and exceptionally pure filtered water. Then Nitro infused and poured from specially designed stout taps. Finally topped with our famous Shave Ice, which cascades down from the top of your cup for the most intriguing, refreshing and invigorating coffee you will never forget.

Invented here at The Shaved Ice Bar.

Electric Mud

Medium bodied with jasmine, lemon, caramel and apricot notes; slightly sweet with a smooth finish.

Wake Up Call

Blonde roast, both sweet and tart; notes of grapefruit, lemon, ginger and roasted peppers with a herbaceous and smooth finish.

Nitro Float

Nitro Coffee with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, or any ice cream of your choice.